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BLOG: Survey Says!…
Drivers are getting revved up over online safety training!
Charmaine Freake
Sept 19, 2023

Driver for Hire Online Training is an innovative and collaborative venture in safety that was recently introduced by the Canada Safety Council (CSC) in partnership with our team here at Bluedrop ISM (Bluedrop), and funded by the Government of Canada’s Skills for Success Program.

The interactive and custom-built eLearning course advances job-specific and essential skills for paid drivers within a variety of growing sectors including the rideshare/vehicle-for-hire and delivery sectors. The course includes industry-specific and practical safety components along with relevant pieces of the Skills for Success program. It was made available for employers and drivers nationwide on July 17, 2023.

Driver for Hire Online Training is fully funded and offered at no cost to employers, drivers, and job seekers looking to augment their driving skills. It includes eight relevant training modules and takes around five hours to complete at the student’s desired training pace from anywhere, on any device.

Since the launch, thousands of employers, drivers, and job seekers from across the country have committed to this impactful training augment, and we’ve been fortunate enough to gather some valuable feedback from over 300 early adopters who’ve completed the course. I’m happy to share some of the initial findings here!

High Training Relevance

When working with the CSC on this training, we collectively wanted to ensure that it would be topical and relevant for drivers currently employed or considering employment in the industry.

We’re so happy to see that initial feedback from those completing the training is validating that aim, with 98% of those surveyed noting that the training clearly outlined the skills required to work in the industry!

As one driver reported:
“I’m impressed by the level of coverage provided for such a wide range of relevant driving scenarios we encounter!” – Ben P.

Offering relevant, real-world and practical situations that drivers will face is key, and we’re happy to see that DFH is achieving this.

Valuable Outcomes

Digging a little deeper into some of the outcome measures, we’re also pleased to see that users are noting increases the training is having on their confidence in finding work in the industry.

Specifically, 81% of survey respondents noted that they now have greater confidence in finding work as a paid driver.  Further, 100% of respondents currently employed as drivers noted the course would be beneficial for anyone looking to enter the industry.

In addition to the relevant skills and safety knowledge that we were aiming to supply with this training, we hoped it would support recruitment and industry employability and driver attachment. So far, it appears that the training is indeed supporting this goal. Drivers are finding the training relevant, confidence-building, and including the content required to support employment seekers.

High Satisfaction with the Training…

Let’s look at another big one, overall satisfaction. Initial feedback is strong with the Driver for Hire Online Training course receiving a 4.2 out of 5 rating for overall satisfaction.

From coast to coast to coast, employers and drivers are seeing the value in DFH as it relates to helping close a gap in industry-relevant driver training.
“This online training offers valuable safety insights and practical tips that will help our company’s drivers!” – Patrick R.
So, while it’s still early days, we’re very pleased and excited with the feedback and the overall satisfaction and value the no-cost training is offering drivers in advancing their skills, safety, and service.
Strong Willingness to Refer Others…

A true measure of value and satisfaction comes in the form of referral, and whether or not users would recommend the training to colleagues, friends, and family. As noted below, the early results are strong, with 81% remarking they would be likely/very likely to recommend the training to others, and only 6% indicating that they wouldn’t.

We’re obviously very pleased with this result as it bodes well for us and the CSC as we continue to get the word out and encourage employers and drivers to avail of this valuable no-cost online training. Taking advantage of this opportunity is truly a no-brainer for industry associations, employers, and drivers/job seekers themselves to learn more about the industry and how to effectively and safely drive within it.

But we’re only getting started, and we’re going to continue to promote the course to employers and driver nationwide that can benefit from it. We’ll will be being doing more surveys and research, and will be providing regular updates along the way. So, stay tuned!

Learn More & Get Started
If you’re intrigued by the feedback, or simply would like to learn more, check out our Driver for Hire homepage and see how this valuable no-cost training can augment your skills or those of your drivers.

It’s also worth noting that the research we are conducting, and funding we have secured as part of the rollout, has allowed us to offer a valuable incentive for participating in the training.
Drivers that are registered by their employer, a career agency/counselor, or a Driver for Hire representative and complete the course and supplemental research surveys may be eligible for a $100 Interac e-transfer honorarium as a ‘thank you’ for participating!*

Yes, you read that right. Simply put, you and your drivers can get trained AND get paid! Driver for Hire provides a great opportunity for employers, drivers, and job seekers to access a CSC endorsed online training option that will help improve skills, safety and performance. Whether you want to register yourself, or your company and fleet of drivers, the process is simple, and you can be off to the races and completing the course today!

Start Your Training Engine!
So what are you waiting for? Driver for Hire Online Training is waiting for you. Register HERE

*This is a limited time offer open to Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or those individuals with refugee status that are legally authorized to work under all Canadian provincial and federal laws and regulations – with limited available seats for an honorarium. See Driver For Hire website for full details.

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